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Nyang Nyang Beach

Nyang Nyang Beach, Nusa Dua

Nyang nyang beach is one of the secrets beach of bali island that must you visit when you holiday in bali.

The narrow, winding busy street, going uphill and downhill, will take you to this beach located at Nusa Dua peninsula. While you are passing by, you can see grazing cows and goats, and there are villagers going about their daily life. After driving for a few kilometers, you will take an even smaller street on your left. You have to be careful not to miss it.

Then you will be going through the small forest. In that forest, filled with exotic flowers, hidden bungalows are built for those seeking to stay incognito and want complete relaxation. At the end of the field you will find a small restaurant with the pool and one of the best views on the whole island.

Only a couple of hundred meters further, you can see pure white sandy beach that looks like it goes forever. The ocean is crystal clear and turquoise blue with white crested, thundering waves.

Regardless of its beauty, there are no tourists here and only visitors are workers harvesting algae. The main reason visitors are not here is the 550 steps you have to climb to get to the water. Steps are hidden, steep, and overgrown with greenery. If careful and with older kids, it is doable. The biggest problem is presented by mosquitoes hidden in the greenery. Please use repellent to protect your skin. Rare visitors are welcomed by mosquitoes as a great source of fresh blood.

This beach is good for swimming only if the waves are low.

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