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Geger Beach

Geger Beach, Nusa Dua

The Geger beach is a stunningly white sandy beach.

If you follow the highway in the direction of Nusa Dua peninsula, you will have to turn onto a small street on your left. The ocean here is much calmer than in Kuta, and swimming is easy and enjoyable. Sometimes in the afternoon, though, the ocean current becomes strong and an inquiry with locals about the safety of getting into water is a must. You can surf throughout day with no limitations.

Beyond the beach and away from the ocean, there are 4- and 5-star hotels nested in well made parks. Regardless of its beauty, this beach is not very popular. Loungers and beach umbrellas are available for rent.

You will be able to observe a simple life of the Balinese people here. You will see them working on the shore as well as at the sea. You can watch them collecting, drying, and preparing algae to be shipped to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories. The fishermen here have a hard life and live in small huts. They work all day long. You will have to go through narrow passages between tall rocky banks to reach small bays with sandy beaches.

Above the water you can see the big rock called „Blow Hole“. When waves hit the rock, water gushes through the fissure creating a fountain effect. You must be very careful because the water jet here is very powerful and it can cause injury. At the other side of the cave is yet another beautiful sandy beach with shallow waters. When the tide is low, crushed corals can be found at the surface, so you ought to watch your steps.

The temple was built on the top of the huge rock. When you stand at it, you can see the Nikko hotel complex.

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