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At the time of Dutch occupation, this city was the administrative and trade center and capital of Bali of the province Bali.

A thousand years ago the first Chinese junk arrived with its cargo and forever changed the future of Bali. You can feel Chinese influence, religious and cultural, even today. Hindu Balinese temples are side by side with Buddhist temples, Muslim mosques, and Christian churches.

The historic library holds 3,000 Lontars, the text written on a small bamboo board. These are the oldest texts in Balinese history, and they are kept in the library's vaults. Here you can also see metal plates from the 14th century, with royal laws inscribed on them.

Today, Singaraja is a quiet city with clean streets filled with flowers. The traffic is slow, and the people are very hospitable. Tourists quickly pass through the city often missing the opportunity to see beautiful buildings, schools, and state institutions. Locals are by and large involved in trade or agriculture.

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