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Mount Agung Volcano

Mount Agung Volcano, Karangasem

Volcano Gunung Agung is 3,142 m high and is still active. It has a large and deep crater at its center, from which from time to time is active. From a distance you can see that it is in the shape of a perfect pyramid.

The last eruption took place between 1963 and 1964. This volcano had a role of the holy mountain and the place where the gods live ever since the beginning of Hindu religious history of the island. Pura Besakih, the most sacred temple and the largest on the island, is located about 900 meters above sea level. In its place, there was an old temple in the past - the temple of religion that respected the cult of the dead.

The volcano also symbolizes mythological hill Meru and the so-called center of the world. The cult of the hill is mixed with believe in god Shiva, manifested in the form of the sun god Surya. Besakih temple has many shrines, treasures, and important sculptures. During religious ceremonies, believers climb the mountain, collecting the dew in palm leaves and use it to bless the other believers.

You can climb the volcano. There are several routes to the top, but the path with the most beautiful view of the water passes next to the temple. It is best to start early in the morning before the sunrise, because it is cool and dry. In the afternoon, however, the volcano is always hidden in the fog.

Climbing Agung is not easy and requires a good physical condition, comfortable hiking shoes, warm jacket, and cape to protect you from rain.

You should bring enough drinking water, because there are no springs at the top!

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