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Buddhist Temple

Buddhist Temple, Buleleng

Brahmavira Arama Buddha Banjar is a Buddhist temple that was built in the late of 20th century Christian exactly in 1960 and after 1970; it was opened formally in 1973. Actually Buddhist has been built before located at Banjar Tegehe around the hot spring area of Banjar Village, but at that time only the few of people adherents were getting more increasing then Brahmavihara Arama was finally built on such area of land; the area has been expanded in order to be able to build Borobudur Miniature that is located on the southern part of the Brahmavihara Arama that has been built and opened.

The monastery (Brahma Vihara Arama) was built in 1970 by locals financing by Indonesian and also aids of Thailand government, and it's consecrated in 1972. It has been damaged by earthquake in 1976. The new Stupa has been repaired and is decorated with splendidly colorful confection.

The temple complex enjoys a wonderful hillside setting such as brilliant orange tile roof stand over an entrance gate guarded by fine two Naga, with bell tower in the corner of middle courtyard. Every step's up to the temple has Buddha wisdom also around the walls.

A lower temple with a gold Buddha is from Thailand as a centerpiece, carved stone plaques showing scene from Buddha's life on all the main temple, and colorful Buddhist to the left of the top temple. Further up you'll see the founder of the temple next to it is several big Stupas, in this part is the most interesting of the monastery, and magnet for pilgrimages. It well knows as Vihara Buddha Banjar, is biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. It is located at a hilly area at Tehege Village, Desa Banjar, Buleleng Regency about 22 km west of Singaraja city. Due to its location in a hilly area, Brahmavihara Arama has a silent and peaceful atmosphere and it's perfect as a spiritual area.

This Buddhist monastery consists of five main complexes, such as:

  1. Uposatha Gara, which is located on the western top. This place is like a room filled with reliefs about the birth of Buddha, and in the middle of this room there is a Buddha statue in a state of reaching Nirvana. This room is functioned as inauguration place for the monk candidates.
  2. Dharmasala, which is located in the eastern part. This place is like a lecture room where the monks discuss and study the holy tenet. This place is also used for conducting worship and various kinds of spiritual activities.
  3. Stupa, which is situated in the northwestern corner of the monastery. Quite unique building which looks like a giant bell.
  4. Bodi Tree, which is located in the southwestern corner of the monastery. Around this tree, there are a lot of beautiful reliefs. This place symbolizes the victory of Buddha when He reached the eternal perfection (nirvana).
  5. Kuti is the settlement of the monks and students which are studying in this monastery. Besides that, this place is also used for exercising by these monks.

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